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These retreats are educational in nature and are not a replacement for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. These retreats are designed to deepen your experience on Maui, and add meaning to your life. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists, nor doctors. We are educators, coaches, body workers, spiritual practitioners and certified experts in our fields. If you are experiencing neurological issues, addictions, eating disorders, have a diagnosis of a mental disorder or are suicidal, you would be better served by specialists in your community who can provide longer term care and continued maintenance.

Please inform us of any extenuating circumstances so that we can best be sure your needs are met.
We will ask you to sign a liability waiver at the onset of your retreat stating that you take full responsibility for your safety, your choices, your decisions and your participation in any and all activities while on your retreat.

We have handpicked the best of the best practitioners Maui has to offer, bringing you:

  • Empowerment Tools of the Inner Journey
  • Making Peace with the Past
  • Five Essential Life Skills
  • Creative Self-Discovery and Expression
  • Healing the Inner Child (or Teenager)
  • Creating the Time of Your Life (Time Mindfulness)
  • Healing of the Deep Heart
  • Insights Into Self
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi and Movement Therapy
  • Shiatsu and Acupuncture
  • Hawaiian Healing Massage
  • Meditation Practices
  • Labyrinth Walking Meditation
  • Intuitive and Spiritual Readings
  • Chakra Balancing and Activation
  • Reiki and Crystal Heaing
  • Crystal Bowl Healing
  • Creating Powerful Relationships (Part I and II)
  • Intellectual Foreplay-Making the right choice in partners
  • How to Love Your Marriage (or relationship)
  • Transforming Anger into understanding
  • Guided Nature experiences, hiking combined with spiritual awareness
  • Guided Beach Walks
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony
  • Ayurvedic Astrology
  • Tantra: Sacred Path To Intimacy
  • The Virtue of Wealth
  • Juice Cleanse
  • Colonic Cleanse
    • How a Retreat Works:

      Once you decide that you want to go on a personalized retreat, you give us a call, email or fill out our contact form and we will explore your needs with you over the phone.

      Some questions we may ask:

      What kind of retreat are you seeking? (Wellness and Healing, Spiritual, Relationship, etc)

      Do you have specific sessions or modalities you are interested in or do you want us to listen to your situation and build the retreat we feel meets your needs? Do you want a massage? Shiatsu?

      Are you going through any major transitions that are impacting you right now?

      Do you have any health issues you are facing? What is your physical condition?

      Do you want help with any other activities while you are here? We can help you with arranging scuba diving, ziplining, horseback riding, helicopter trips, hikes, beach walks, volcano journeys, performances…. Would you like them woven into your retreat week or booked at the beginning or the end? We can help guide you through the choices of adventurous activities and help you see the typicial tourist activities through spiritual eyes!

      What is your budget? Do you want us to book your accommodations or do you aready have a place to stay? The hand-picked accommodations and vacation rentals we book on Maui range from $89 a night for a studio to $150 a night for a cottage, to $399 a world class retreat center to….
      Maui has many options on bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals to stay near The Sacred Garden where many of your sessions will take place and where you can seek silence, serenity and peace. We aim to book you close to the garden for convenience while going through your retreat.


      We will send you a draft itinerary and proposed budget based on our conversation. We can go back and forth until we get the itinerary just the way you want it. Once we have your itinerary the way you like it and you are ready to book your retreat, we will ask for a 50% deposit so as to reserve the practitioners and accommodations. The balance will be due upon arrival.

      When you arrive:

      You will check into your accommodations, unwind and relax. Depending on when you arrive and how soon you opted to begin your retreat, you will check in the next morning at The Sacred Garden, meet Eve, Janet or another guide for your Orientation, Welcome and Releasing Ceremony. The orientation will include both setting your intentions and identifying that which you wish to release on your journey.

      Your Sessions:

      sessions in a day, each day from then on. Most of the sessions will be either in your accommodations or at The Sacred Garden, however on occasion the session will take place in a practitioner’s office location — especially if they have a particularly beautiful office or when their location is integral to the session.

      These are PRIVATE SESSIONS meaning that unless you are on a couple’s retreat or are going through the retreat with a friend, all of your sessions will be one-on-one with the practitioner.

      Our core team of practitioners work as a team to be sure that your retreat is everything you want it to be and that your intentions are thoroughly addressed. We build your retreat sequentially, in alignment with a progression toward transformation. We start with the preparation phase — contemplating where you have been and Identifying where you are. We gently guide you to open your heart, access your inner wisdom, and release that which no longer serves you. Then as we move deeper into the sacred journey, you will gain new skills, new tools and a new perspective with which to tackle your life circumstances.

      At the end of the retreat:

      Every retreat ends with an Integration Session in which we make sure that you are well equipped with the skills and tools you need to integrate all that you have gained on your journey so that you can implement it in your life when you return.

      Things to Know:

      Food is not included unless you have requested the juice cleanse option.

      You will need a rental car to get around on Maui. There is a bus system but having a car is infinitely more convenient.

      The temperature “upcountry” on Maui is about 10 degrees cooler than sea level (60-80 degrees). You will want a sweatshirt or light jacket. If you plan on hiking Haleakala or going up for sunrise, it can be quite cold up there. A heavier jacket would be wise.

      If you want to include the hiking options, good sturdy tennis shoes with closed toes are recommended. A water bottle is a good idea for the hikes as well.